"It was so much easier than I thought," said small business owners, independent contractors, nonprofit leaders in unison.


The sun up in the sky shone on the marketplace once again. Merchants returned, and the city restored its unique vibrance.


We hear that you're a small business owner, manager, freelancer or a nonprofit director, or you are getting ready to become one. You know what you're doing. However, you find marketing what you offer quite challenging. All the technical jargons, concepts and tools honestly tire you out.

Let us ask how many times you have wished things were easier when it comes to managing your business's online presence. Have you tried keeping your customer community in the loop and engaged, or listening to their needs and feedback before they lose interest? What about optimizing your online shop? Then you'd ask us: "C'mon! Is that even possible without me burying my head in marketing guides full of acronyms that make me go brain dead???"
Our answer: absolutely YES. We will listen to you to identify your particular challenges, design a roadmap
with you & walk you through the process. We'll train you on how to use some simple tools if you want. You'll like the journey, because we are good at keeping it simple.

Our raison d'être (the reason we exist) is to make YOU sing in the shower, overjoyed to see how your brand & customer community grow. We promise that until you & your team regain marketing confidence, we will be your best buddy in this game. All we ask you for now is you taking the small first step: reach out to us and ask your first question. Our ears are open 24/7.

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