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Young Ju has been a long-time teacher but was ready to elevate her business and reach a larger audience. She wanted a website that would explain the different programs that she offers as well as her experience as a teacher and how prospective students could schedule classes with her.

This project features:

desktop &mobile site



content marketing


Key Challenges

Since Young Ju is tutoring among other things, she needs the client to be able to book classes while not engaging her much in the process. We looked into affordable options to give students the desired functionality and give the teacher peace of mind.

Also, the Client attracted mostly younger enthusiasts of Korean culture, whose attention is easily picked with vibrant colours. Personally, she would prefer a design that is calm, toned down and earthy. Can we make it appealing to both?

Catering to a younger audience requires some creativity to keep them engaged. We'll find ways to do that - both with content and design.​


Our plan

  • Design a simple website with booking functionality in an earthy but modern theme

  • Start an Instagram account and post valuable content that would attract enthusiasts of the Korean language, cuisine and culture

  • Create a set of illustrations resonating with the client's personality and audience to use on the website and social media.



  • This project is currently ongoing. At this point, we are gathering and refining data.

  • Please visit this page in a few weeks for details!



  • We're currently compiling some data to impress you with. Come back later to read what we've achieved!

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