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Case Study:
Min's Salon

Min has always had an established client base in Halifax but was using multiple different social media platforms to schedule appointments. He found that he was spending more time scheduling appointments than he was actually doing hair! He needed a single tool that would allow clients to see when he had time available and schedule their appointments accordingly.

This project features:

desktop & mobile site






Key Challenges

Min wanted a solution that can both streamline his appointment booking process and grow his salon brand in the long run. He wanted a website that seamlessly communicates his brand image and also enables his current and future clients to book appointments easily.

Design-wise, he wanted a simple cherry blossom-themed website that would be one page and have a booking feature. He would be able to manage the appointments made through the Wix app on his phone.

Content-wise, Min wanted good photos that can upscale the salon brand and him as a hairdresser. He wanted a gallery to showcase his work, as well as links to his social media.

One of the challenges faced was ensuring the client’s confidence in using the new booking feature and making sure that this would be a tool they would find easy to use and making sure that Min’s Hair Salon clients would find it easy to use as well.

Min has clients who are native English, Korean and Chinese speakers so we wanted to make sure everyone felt included. 

The client wanted to operate on a strict budget and to complete the project within 3 weeks.


Our plan

  • We set a plan to design and launch the website in three weeks timeframe.

  • During the consultation session, we agreed on a budget range to suit his needs, but enough of a budget to ensure all requirements are fulfilled and tested before the launch date.

  • Keep it simple, yet still gather necessary content to showcase his work and expertise in context. Photos of the client and the Salon would be shot and edited.

  • To enable the hair salon’s brand, create a logo for the website that will be used across all mediums.

  • Discuss including more than one language to meet Min’s clients’ communication needs in different languages, and a feature to easily switch between languages



  • Chose WIX as the website development and design-builder for this project

  • Developed a one-pager layout plus a bookings page & tested it

  • As per the client’s request, we decided not to use the language switch on the website but place the Korean and Chinese List of Services on the website as downloadable PDF files

  • Text content was developed according to our SEO strategy

  • Photos of Min in his salon and photos of the salon were shot, selected and edited professionally before being placed on the website

  • Designed 2-3 styles/variations of Min’s Salon logo that were inspired by a rough sketch of the desired logo provided by the client

  • Gathered testimonials from his existing clients and curate it as content

  • Hired translators to translate List of Services into Korean and Chinese and had it reviewed by native speaker volunteers

  • Created the client’s Google My Business profile and optimized it



  • Since its launch in October 2020, Min’s Salon is enjoying an improved brand awareness

  • The Min’s Salon Google profile scores average 1,400 Google search and maps views per month

  • In 2021, an average of 9.25 bookings was made on the website per month

  • Min uses the digital calendar daily to manage bookings

  • Min says:
    I found new clients through the website! I often find my schedule fully booked for the coming two weeks. More and more clients are using the website to book appointments.

  • Min’s clients find the website easy to use and pleasing to navigate through.

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