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Case Study: Rexan

Rexan is an established marketing firm in Poland that was ready to upgrade their website to a style that better reflects their take on modern professionalism. Teycro gave their website a makeover that is sleek and fun, just like them!

This project features:

desktop &mobile site

event managment


ticketing system


Key Challenges

The agency has been working majorly on event planning for both local and international guests. They have been missing a simple, display website for a long time and now they were facing a greater challenge: displaying independent event pages within their website that would run smoothly in different language versions.


Since they were missing an online storefront for a long time, they've been also looking for ways to maximize the traffic on the new site. Obviously, with no in-house IT staff, they needed it to be as easy as possible to manage on their own.

It became clear that we need to design a tailormade solution: an easy-to-navigate, Wix-based website with event pages and functionalities.


Our plan

  • Create a structure that will serve both as an online display for the client's company and event guest

  • Make sure to separate and visually distinguish the pages for a clear user journey

  • Include translation of all pages with an easy switch

  • Set up contact forms for event registration, as well as a ticketing system for the company itself to redirect messages to the right departments

  • Consider client's target: middle-aged/older audience in user interface design by incorporating tested, intuitive solutions



  • Cooperate with Rexan crew to

    • design a simple, informative one-pager

    • create a custom made ticketing system that sorts incoming inquiries to respond to client’s needs and internal structure

    • define the services to be showcased

  • Collaborate with Rexan and their end client to

    • design event sites within the company’s site

    • allow online registration for the event without having to include the e-commerce features

    • create a confirmation of registration system using email automation

    • collaborate with native speakers for website translation



  • Rexan’s website has been used to market a dozen events already - and counting!

  • Combining external event sites with Rexan’s website resulted in a gradual increase in traffic, reaching 50% more customers within the first 2 years

  • The website can now be edited at any time, without extra costs, making the process more streamlined and efficient

  • Rexan’s online presence makes it easier for its existing clientele to refer Rexan’s services to their business networks. 4 new recurring clients reported discovering the company through the events featured on the website

  • The company is now easier to find on Google Maps and appears in searches. An estimated 2300 clients were able to learn about the company thanks to Google My Business profile.

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