Teycro: technical expertise you can rely on, (pronounced tee-crow) is a marketing & event services provider with a bold mission:

"providing affordable means and insights to small to medium organizations to stay in touch with and grow their customer communities"


Inbound Marketing, Analytics, CMS website design, Events


To help SME owners, managers and their customers smile, in unison!


Affordable marketing campaigns, Tools (& training), Ongoing brand monitoring and analysis

Many small businesses, nonprofits and freelancers struggle with marketing including aspects such as planning, organizing, launching and measuring campaigns and brand events. To them, it's either a big question mark or a replaceable additive to their sales strategy. It's often misplaced, misunderstood, and importantly, underestimated.

Like a baby elephant in a dog kennel.

Don't get us wrong, these businesses usually know who their audiences are, very well. They have grapevines, regulars, friends and families who give them advice and bring new customers, and even sometimes opinion leaders in their own communities. The question is, however, if those traditional brand and customer community growth methods are measured, analyzed and scaled, to match the fast-changing landscape of customer buying behaviours. Digital is happening and the awakened tiger with optical fibre claws is here to stay. Will you tame it?

"to your customers and community, Do your website and social media accounts count?

We aspire to shift the centre of marketing from industry juggernauts to local small to medium businesses (SMEs), nonprofits and freelancers with or without in-house marketing resources, by together finding out customer needs, testing go-to-market strategy and leveraging online and offline marketing tools and techniques, to delight customers and ultimately give a boost to bottom lines.

"My clients are very good at what they do, but they often struggled big time to keep their customers interested, engaged, and cared about. Having weak online presence, potential (and existing) customers went somewhere else, instead of returning to them. That broke my heart. I just knew things could be different. That's why I launched Teycro to together figure out what their customers need and provide help, i.e. tools, insights and mini-projects necessary to help them compete in the digital economy.

When my first client smiled at me showing how much he made through online booking system, I realized I just gave the armour to the Iron Man, who has really needed it... for many years."

Yoon Park, CAPM

Principal @ Teycro


Nova Scotia (Canada)




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