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Yoon Park

Principal - he/him

I am Teycro's Marketing Consultant as well as Principal, and I believe today's digital world can play a pivotal role for Small to Medium businesses to reach their full potential. I have 5+ years' combined experience in business management, public sector, marketing and project management. Being creative at the same time strategic, even under pressure, is my forte.

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Good day, welcome to my page.

Albeit knowing my About page can show very little about myself, I am aware the importance of it. I am a marketer, who likes innovating age old processes and tackling lead gen challenges with both behavioral and technological means. Also, I am proud for a job well done when I make a difference by good digital marketing and seamless project management.

I have about five years’ experience in different areas of marketing with a focus on event and content marketing. What I have learned is that each client/brand has their story and their niche; and those niches are all a bit different types of beasts. Even if we’re talking about a big client; even they have only one or a few core buyer personas per product line. Without a distinguished, consistent message to each core buyer community, any business will suffer from ever-so-changing market trends and consumers’ unfulfilled needs. For this reason, I have learned to re-learn how marketing tools, techniques and best practices work in each very context each day I practice marketing. I love teaching, but before anything I am an avid, humble learner. Knowing what to do and what not to, now I think I know a little bit how to tame the beasts.

I am a team player. Thanks to my team, I have learned rather quickly in my career that, without a solid team with excellent communication, no seemingly perfect plan will be anywhere near perfection when launched and implemented. I may be very good at using some tools, but as the digital marketing and MarTech spheres are expanding so quickly we always find ways to do things better, more elegantly or more efficiently (cheaper). When many aspects are concerned in a given project, there is no way one can handle everything with expertise, especially when little time was given to complete the project. This is why teycro is a team, and I have been and I will be working on – like, I will do anything for – creating a dream team.

Please excuse me for omitting all the cliché phrases and words such as the types of certificates and qualifications like a university degree(s) or digital badges I have earned for the previous years, and events and projects my team and I brought to success. They can be found here in detail. Rather, using this About Me page I want to thank my team, clients, family and friends who got me the support, encouragement and much more. Truly, without you, teycro would not be here now. And this is just the start, because we’re a young team.

For teycro and its unique community, I am always ready to bring my triple-A-game.

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