Yoon Park


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As Teycro's owner & principal, I think the world is a changeable place. It should be less confusing and more inclusive for creative thinkers. Being both imaginative and well-planned under pressure is definitely not for everyone, but I often think outside the box to tackle each challenge I am faced with, thinking, this looks like a job for me.


I went to Dalhousie University for my Bachelor of Management degree with an Entrepreneurship and Innovation major. As Canadian I am proud of having a global mindset with local vibes. I have been also known for having formed the first StartupBus Halifax team (a birthplace for two startups) as well as Dutch Society of Nova Scotia where I still write as a contributor. As a strategic team player, I helped my team win one of ten Industrial Champion Awards out of 887 teams in a business strategy competition in 2016. With an agile product management mindset, I also helped my team win one of five Nova Scotia Open Data Contest 2020 awards.


I believe one of the qualities that sets me apart from others is yet my focus on community and public welfare, which also helped me think strategically as a public servant when I was working as part of Halifax Regional Municipality. The social impact of what I do and what my team does is on my mind every day, even after changing my career.


As a marketer, my credo is that marketing is a social science with a focus on decision making that is both informed and intuitive, and every professional in this field needs a lot of empathy and willingness to understand different kinds of motivation to stay on top of customer needs. 


Even though I'm personally an introverted beer lover, I enjoy spending my work day on listening to clients and understanding them describing their pursuits and hurdles. As a good listener, I'm proud of this skill of paying attention to others and elicit keywords that describe their true needs. On top of that, I'm also experienced in breaking down intricate ideas into smaller, actionable bits to make projects, campaigns and events successful. I love what I do and believe there’s no better job than the one I have.


In my free time, I routinely check out new places to drive to in Nova Scotia or new East Coast beers to drink. I also appoint some friends and family members as voluntold heroes to play board games with me, and I totally agree with Stephanie that escape rooms are pretty dope. If you don’t see me stuck in a Zoom call or a myriad of software tools, I would be probably out there somewhere cycling. 


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