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Severus Salon

Severus is an incredibly talented hairstylist but he didn’t have a website! He had a lot of hesitation about making the transition to going digital, so we kept that in mind when we built him his website. We made it easy to use from both the perspective of Severus and his clients.

This project features:





Key Challenges

In spite of 25 years of experience in the field, Severus was not properly recognized by potential clients looking for a new hairstylist in town - initially, his new salon suffered from a lack of brand awareness.

He went independent after resigning from a position at a bigger salon. Severus found it frustrating that a majority of his regular clients did not know how he resigned and where he went, and then they decided to find a stylist elsewhere.

Running a salon with no admin assistant, Severus had to take calls and text messages to book and confirm all appointments. Besides, managing multiple paper and digital calendars was time-consuming and not efficient. As he booked clients from various backgrounds, creating word of mouth about stellar customer experience and results was a challenge. Severus found online available booking management systems pricey and difficult to maintain.

The process needed to be streamlined - but also affordable and easy to manage.


Our Plan

  • Develop and test a website colour scheme that is coherent with the salon’s existing logo

  • Apply a classic style and layout to the website that symbolizes Severus’s experience in the cosmetology

  • Highlight Severus’s experience and skillset

  • Add the hairstylist’s portfolio as part of the website and integrate the website with social media to promote the salon’s atmosphere, his expertise as well as promising hairstyling results

  • Create a bookings & checkout function on the website

  • Optimize the product for mobile

  • Respect and seek inspiration from the client for aesthetic details

  • Promote the use of the website as the main channel for the communication between Severus and his clients and Severus Salon brand

  • Initiate digital marketing



  • Researched 10+ successful (i.e. sites with 100+ Google my business reviews, some media exposure and social media engagement), well-designed hair salon websites

  • Chose WIX as the website development and design-builder for this project

  • Developed a one-pager layout plus a bookings page & tested it

  • Selected photos, product logos and vector images carefully to place on the website and edited them as necessary before placement on the website

  • Gathered testimonials from his existing clients and curate it as content

  • Test both web and mobile versions of the website

  • Encourage Severus’s Facebook page and Instagram followers to spread the word about the new website

  • Tested and optimized the website’s loading speed

  • Walked Severus through using the booking app so that he can utilize the solution fully




total visitors


total bookings


Google views

per month


Revenue growth


  • As of today, Severus Salon has received 2,600 visitors to his website

  • The website has made 1,120 bookings

  • Google My Business views: 10,000 per quarter or 2,500 per month

  • His old regular clients found him on Google or elsewhere online and started booking using his website

  • Between 2019-2020, Severus’s annual revenue grew over 30%

  • Severus manages all appointments on one page.

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