I am Teycro’s Product Analyst. I help my team develop solutions to help any pain points you may be experiencing with your business and to help you thrive! I have always been a very critical thinker - I ask “why?” when no one else has thought to, and the answers I find often lead to solutions that haven’t been considered before. 

Stephanie Sheridan

Product Analyst - she/her
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I went to Queen’s University for Computing and the Creative Arts with a focus in Film & Media and graduated with my Bachelor of Arts with Honors along with a certificate in International Studies. After graduating, I moved to Halifax to be with my spouse who had moved here for work and I have been loving Nova Scotia ever since. I am currently enrolled in the IT Data Analytics program at the Nova Scotia Community College.


I am thrilled to be in a role where I can help local businesses take off and thrive, which in turn benefits the community. I think everyone can say that they have experienced a job where they ask themselves “am I really making a difference here? Am I creating a good impact on those around me?” and at Teycro I genuinely believe that I am. For the few years that I have been in Halifax, I have seen so much growth in the area that I live in and I have loved seeing these new local businesses emerge. I look forward to contributing to this growth with Teycro. 


In my free time I really enjoy doing escape rooms (if you haven’t tried them, you should!), playing both board games and video games, and spending quality time with my friends, family and pets.