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Barbara Cielma

Graphic Designer - she/her

I am Teycro’s Graphic Designer. By profession, I do both design and digital illustrations. I love listening to my clients talk about their stories, as I take the time to understand the why’s as much as what needs to be done. You can trust me as a good listener as much as a practitioner.


My Story

I have eight years of experience in the design industry, and I have spent the majority of the time creating and editing printable designs, product designs and digital assets for publishers and corporations as well as helping small businesses reach their full potential by perfecting brand identities for them.


My particular set of skills is called visual communication. With Teycro, I bring new brands into reality and rejuvenate outdated brands. I often spearhead branding projects where I prepare design materials that suit the business goals of our clients. I love how effective visual communication helps people understand the key values behind products and brands. I believe good designs clarify intentions and messages and sometimes, quite frankly, pique people’s interest so they take the first initiative to find out more.

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