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Case Study:


  • Instagram
  • Facebook

K-Food is a small diner located in Warsaw that offers a range of traditional, Korean dishes. As a newly established business, they were looking for help spreading the word and creating a social media presence that would engage their customers more.

This project features:

social media management

Google My Business profile management


Key Challenges

The client was unfamiliar with the dynamics of social media but wanted to attract a significant number of new customers quickly. They weren't particularly satisfied with the social media management they were getting, hoping for more consistency in design and more diversity in the content. As a brand new small business, they struggled to market online with a limited budget. The overall goal was to increase brand awareness and revenue alike. 


Our plan

  • Create social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram

  • Design a simple content template that is versatile and easy to repurpose for the client

  • Engage through posts, comments and communities online to plant the image of the restaurant in the customer's mind

  • Manage reviews, complaints and other PR-related activities to help the Client build a strong brand



  • We worked with the client to understand their needs and focus throughout the time 

  • Introduced the client to the tools and solutions we created, ensuring the training matched their skills and allowed fully independent operations

  • We educated the client on how to connect with their demographic more successfully, based on real-time feedback



  • The client gained a total of 850 followers across different social media platforms

  • Engagement has doubled on Facebook since we took over (14.7 average reaction score on a post compared to an average of 7.4 before)

  • We helped to avoid a potential image crisis by responding to customer's critiques quickly and collaborating with the Client on the solution

  • By the end of the process, the restaurant was able to manage all solutions in-house

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